Chronology of the record

n Driver Nb Date Grand Prix
1FARINA Giuseppe113 may 1950Britain
2FANGIO Juan Manuel121 may 1950Monaco
3PARSONS Johnnie130 may 1950Indianapolis
4FARINA Giuseppe24 june 1950Switzerland
5FANGIO Juan Manuel218 june 1950Belgium
6FANGIO Juan Manuel32 july 1950France
7FARINA Giuseppe33 september 1950Italy
8FANGIO Juan Manuel427 may 1951Switzerland
9FARINA Giuseppe417 june 1951Belgium
10FANGIO Juan Manuel51 july 1951France
11FANGIO Juan Manuel628 october 1951Spain
12ASCARI Alberto63 august 1952Germany
13ASCARI Alberto717 august 1952Netherlands
14ASCARI Alberto87 september 1952Italy
15ASCARI Alberto918 january 1953Argentina
16ASCARI Alberto107 june 1953Netherlands
17ASCARI Alberto1121 june 1953Belgium
18ASCARI Alberto1218 july 1953Britain
19ASCARI Alberto1323 august 1953Switzerland
20FANGIO Juan Manuel135 september 1954Italy
21FANGIO Juan Manuel1416 january 1955Argentina
22FANGIO Juan Manuel155 june 1955Belgium
23FANGIO Juan Manuel1619 june 1955Netherlands
24FANGIO Juan Manuel1711 september 1955Italy
25FANGIO Juan Manuel1822 january 1956Argentina
26FANGIO Juan Manuel1914 july 1956Britain
27FANGIO Juan Manuel205 august 1956Germany
28FANGIO Juan Manuel2113 january 1957Argentina
29FANGIO Juan Manuel2219 may 1957Monaco
30FANGIO Juan Manuel237 july 1957France
31FANGIO Juan Manuel244 august 1957Germany
32CLARK Jim2422 october 1967Mexico
33CLARK Jim251 january 1968South Africa
34STEWART Jackie253 june 1973Monaco
35STEWART Jackie2629 july 1973Netherlands
36STEWART Jackie275 august 1973Germany
37PROST Alain2717 may 1987Belgium
38PROST Alain2820 september 1987Portugal
39PROST Alain293 april 1988Brazil
40PROST Alain3015 may 1988Monaco
41PROST Alain3129 may 1988Mexico
42PROST Alain323 july 1988France
43PROST Alain3325 september 1988Portugal
44PROST Alain342 october 1988Spain
45PROST Alain3513 november 1988Australia
46PROST Alain364 june 1989USA
47PROST Alain379 july 1989France
48PROST Alain3816 july 1989Britain
49PROST Alain3910 september 1989Italy
50PROST Alain4025 march 1990Brazil
51PROST Alain4124 june 1990Mexico
52PROST Alain428 july 1990France
53PROST Alain4315 july 1990Britain
54PROST Alain4430 september 1990Spain
55PROST Alain4514 march 1993South Africa
56PROST Alain4625 april 1993San Marino
57PROST Alain479 may 1993Spain
58PROST Alain4813 june 1993Canada
59PROST Alain494 july 1993France
60PROST Alain5011 july 1993Britain
61PROST Alain5125 july 1993Germany
62SCHUMACHER Michael5119 august 2001Hungary
63SCHUMACHER Michael522 september 2001Belgium
64SCHUMACHER Michael5314 october 2001Japan
65SCHUMACHER Michael543 march 2002Australia
66SCHUMACHER Michael5531 march 2002Brazil
67SCHUMACHER Michael5614 april 2002San Marino
68SCHUMACHER Michael5728 april 2002Spain
69SCHUMACHER Michael5812 may 2002Austria
70SCHUMACHER Michael599 june 2002Canada
71SCHUMACHER Michael607 july 2002Britain
72SCHUMACHER Michael6121 july 2002France
73SCHUMACHER Michael6228 july 2002Germany
74SCHUMACHER Michael631 september 2002Belgium
75SCHUMACHER Michael6413 october 2002Japan
76SCHUMACHER Michael6520 april 2003San Marino
77SCHUMACHER Michael664 may 2003Spain
78SCHUMACHER Michael6718 may 2003Austria
79SCHUMACHER Michael6815 june 2003Canada
80SCHUMACHER Michael6914 september 2003Italy
81SCHUMACHER Michael7028 september 2003USA
82SCHUMACHER Michael717 march 2004Australia
83SCHUMACHER Michael7221 march 2004Malaysia
84SCHUMACHER Michael734 april 2004Bahrain
85SCHUMACHER Michael7425 april 2004San Marino
86SCHUMACHER Michael759 may 2004Spain
87SCHUMACHER Michael7630 may 2004Europe
88SCHUMACHER Michael7713 june 2004Canada
89SCHUMACHER Michael7820 june 2004USA
90SCHUMACHER Michael794 july 2004France
91SCHUMACHER Michael8011 july 2004Britain
92SCHUMACHER Michael8125 july 2004Germany
93SCHUMACHER Michael8215 august 2004Hungary
94SCHUMACHER Michael8310 october 2004Japan
95SCHUMACHER Michael8419 june 2005USA
96SCHUMACHER Michael8523 april 2006San Marino
97SCHUMACHER Michael867 may 2006Europe
98SCHUMACHER Michael872 july 2006USA
99SCHUMACHER Michael8816 july 2006France
100SCHUMACHER Michael8930 july 2006Germany
101SCHUMACHER Michael9010 september 2006Italy
102SCHUMACHER Michael911 october 2006China
103HAMILTON Lewis9111 october 2020Eifel
104HAMILTON Lewis9225 october 2020Portugal
105HAMILTON Lewis931 november 2020Emilia-Romagna
106HAMILTON Lewis9415 november 2020Turkey
107HAMILTON Lewis9529 november 2020Bahrain
108HAMILTON Lewis9628 march 2021Bahrain
109HAMILTON Lewis972 may 2021Portugal
110HAMILTON Lewis989 may 2021Spain
111HAMILTON Lewis9918 july 2021Britain
112HAMILTON Lewis10026 september 2021Russia