Pole positions
Chronology of the record

n Constructor Nb Date Grand Prix
1Alfa Romeo113 may 1950Britain
2Alfa Romeo221 may 1950Monaco
3Alfa Romeo34 june 1950Switzerland
4Alfa Romeo418 june 1950Belgium
5Alfa Romeo52 july 1950France
6Alfa Romeo63 september 1950Italy
7Alfa Romeo727 may 1951Switzerland
8Alfa Romeo817 june 1951Belgium
9Alfa Romeo91 july 1951France
10Alfa Romeo1016 september 1951Italy
11Ferrari107 september 1952Italy
12Ferrari1118 january 1953Argentina
13Ferrari127 june 1953Netherlands
14Ferrari135 july 1953France
15Ferrari1418 july 1953Britain
16Ferrari152 august 1953Germany
17Ferrari1613 september 1953Italy
18Ferrari1717 january 1954Argentina
19Ferrari1822 august 1954Switzerland
20Ferrari1916 january 1955Argentina
21Ferrari2022 january 1956Argentina
22Ferrari2113 may 1956Monaco
23Ferrari223 june 1956Belgium
24Ferrari231 july 1956France
25Ferrari245 august 1956Germany
26Ferrari252 september 1956Italy
27Ferrari2615 june 1958Belgium
28Ferrari276 july 1958France
29Ferrari283 august 1958Germany
30Ferrari2919 october 1958Morocco
31Ferrari305 july 1959France
32Ferrari312 august 1959Germany
33Ferrari324 september 1960Italy
34Ferrari3322 may 1961Netherlands
35Ferrari3418 june 1961Belgium
36Ferrari352 july 1961France
37Ferrari3615 july 1961Britain
38Ferrari376 august 1961Germany
39Ferrari3810 september 1961Italy
40Ferrari398 september 1963Italy
41Ferrari402 august 1964Germany
42Ferrari416 september 1964Italy
43Ferrari4212 june 1966Belgium
44Ferrari433 july 1966France
45Ferrari444 september 1966Italy
46Ferrari4512 may 1968Spain
47Ferrari469 june 1968Belgium
48Ferrari4723 june 1968Netherlands
49Ferrari484 august 1968Germany
50Lotus4819 july 1969Britain
51Lotus497 september 1969Italy
52Lotus505 october 1969USA
53Lotus5121 june 1970Netherlands
54Lotus5218 july 1970Britain
55Lotus5316 august 1970Austria
56Ferrari5325 october 1970Mexico
57Ferrari5418 april 1971Spain
58Ferrari5520 june 1971Netherlands
59Ferrari5617 july 1971Britain
60Ferrari571 may 1972Spain
61Ferrari5815 july 1972Britain
62Ferrari5930 july 1972Germany
63Ferrari6010 september 1972Italy
64Lotus6017 june 1973Sweden
65Lotus6114 july 1973Britain
66Lotus6229 july 1973Netherlands
67Lotus6319 august 1973Austria
68Lotus649 september 1973Italy
69Lotus6523 september 1973Canada
70Lotus667 october 1973USA
71Lotus6713 january 1974Argentina
72Ferrari6720 july 1974Britain
73Ferrari684 august 1974Germany
74Ferrari6918 august 1974Austria
75Ferrari708 september 1974Italy
76Ferrari7127 april 1975Spain
77Ferrari7211 may 1975Monaco
78Ferrari7325 may 1975Belgium
79Ferrari7422 june 1975Netherlands
80Ferrari756 july 1975France
81Ferrari763 august 1975Germany
82Ferrari7717 august 1975Austria
83Ferrari787 september 1975Italy
84Ferrari795 october 1975USA
85Ferrari8028 march 1976USA West
86Ferrari8116 may 1976Belgium
87Ferrari8230 may 1976Monaco
88Ferrari8318 july 1976Britain
89Ferrari843 april 1977USA West
90Ferrari8514 august 1977Austria
91Ferrari862 april 1978USA West
92Ferrari877 may 1978Monaco
93Lotus878 october 1978Canada
94Ferrari888 april 1979USA West
95Ferrari8927 may 1979Monaco
96Ferrari903 may 1981San Marino
97Ferrari9113 june 1982Canada
98Ferrari928 august 1982Germany
99Ferrari9312 september 1982Italy
100Ferrari9427 march 1983USA West
101Ferrari951 may 1983San Marino
102Ferrari965 june 1983USA East
103Ferrari9712 june 1983Canada
104Ferrari9816 july 1983Britain
105Ferrari997 august 1983Germany
106Ferrari10014 august 1983Austria
107Ferrari10115 october 1983South Africa
108Ferrari10229 april 1984Belgium
109Ferrari1037 april 1985Brazil
110Lotus1036 july 1986France
111Lotus10410 august 1986Hungary
112Lotus10521 september 1986Portugal
113Lotus10612 october 1986Mexico
114Lotus1073 may 1987San Marino
115Ferrari10710 july 1988Britain
116Ferrari1088 july 1990France
117Ferrari10915 july 1990Britain
118Ferrari11023 september 1990Portugal
119Ferrari11131 july 1994Germany
120Ferrari11211 september 1994Italy
121Ferrari11325 september 1994Portugal
122Ferrari11427 august 1995Belgium
123Ferrari1155 may 1996San Marino
124Ferrari11619 may 1996Monaco
125Ferrari11730 june 1996France
126Ferrari11811 august 1996Hungary
127Ferrari11915 june 1997Canada
128Ferrari12029 june 1997France
129Ferrari12110 august 1997Hungary
130Ferrari12213 september 1998Italy
131Ferrari12327 september 1998Luxembourg
132Ferrari1241 november 1998Japan
133Ferrari12513 june 1999Canada
134Ferrari12617 october 1999Malaysia
135Ferrari12731 october 1999Japan
136Ferrari12823 april 2000Britain
137Ferrari1297 may 2000Spain
138Ferrari1304 june 2000Monaco
139Ferrari13118 june 2000Canada
140Ferrari1322 july 2000France
141Ferrari13313 august 2000Hungary
142Ferrari13410 september 2000Italy
143Ferrari13524 september 2000USA
144Ferrari1368 october 2000Japan
145Ferrari13722 october 2000Malaysia
146Ferrari1384 march 2001Australia
147Ferrari13918 march 2001Malaysia
148Ferrari1401 april 2001Brazil
149Ferrari14129 april 2001Spain
150Ferrari14213 may 2001Austria
151Ferrari14310 june 2001Canada
152Ferrari14424 june 2001Europe
153Ferrari14515 july 2001Britain
154Ferrari14619 august 2001Hungary
155Ferrari14730 september 2001USA
156Ferrari14814 october 2001Japan
157Ferrari1493 march 2002Australia
158Ferrari15017 march 2002Malaysia
159Ferrari15114 april 2002San Marino
160Ferrari15228 april 2002Spain
161Ferrari15312 may 2002Austria
162Ferrari15428 july 2002Germany
163Ferrari15518 august 2002Hungary
164Ferrari1561 september 2002Belgium
165Ferrari15729 september 2002USA
166Ferrari15813 october 2002Japan
167Ferrari1599 march 2003Australia
168Ferrari1606 april 2003Brazil
169Ferrari16120 april 2003San Marino
170Ferrari1624 may 2003Spain
171Ferrari16318 may 2003Austria
172Ferrari16420 july 2003Britain
173Ferrari16514 september 2003Italy
174Ferrari16612 october 2003Japan
175Ferrari1677 march 2004Australia
176Ferrari16821 march 2004Malaysia
177Ferrari1694 april 2004Bahrain
178Ferrari1709 may 2004Spain
179Ferrari17130 may 2004Europe
180Ferrari17220 june 2004USA
181Ferrari17325 july 2004Germany
182Ferrari17415 august 2004Hungary
183Ferrari17512 september 2004Italy
184Ferrari17626 september 2004China
185Ferrari17710 october 2004Japan
186Ferrari17824 october 2004Brazil
187Ferrari17931 july 2005Hungary
188Ferrari18012 march 2006Bahrain
189Ferrari18123 april 2006San Marino
190Ferrari1822 july 2006USA
191Ferrari18316 july 2006France
192Ferrari18427 august 2006Turkey
193Ferrari1858 october 2006Japan
194Ferrari18622 october 2006Brazil
195Ferrari18718 march 2007Australia
196Ferrari1888 april 2007Malaysia
197Ferrari18915 april 2007Bahrain
198Ferrari19013 may 2007Spain
199Ferrari1911 july 2007France
200Ferrari19222 july 2007Europe
201Ferrari19326 august 2007Turkey
202Ferrari19416 september 2007Belgium
203Ferrari19521 october 2007Brazil
204Ferrari19623 march 2008Malaysia
205Ferrari19727 april 2008Spain
206Ferrari19811 may 2008Turkey
207Ferrari19925 may 2008Monaco
208Ferrari20022 june 2008France
209Ferrari20124 august 2008Europe
210Ferrari20228 september 2008Singapore
211Ferrari2032 november 2008Brazil
212Ferrari20412 september 2010Italy
213Ferrari20526 september 2010Singapore
214Ferrari2068 july 2012Britain
215Ferrari20722 july 2012Germany
216Ferrari20820 september 2015Singapore
217Ferrari20930 april 2017Russia
218Ferrari21028 may 2017Monaco
219Ferrari21130 july 2017Hungary
220Ferrari21217 september 2017Singapore
221Ferrari21329 october 2017Mexico
222Ferrari2148 april 2018Bahrain
223Ferrari21515 april 2018China
224Ferrari21629 april 2018Azerbaijan
225Ferrari21710 june 2018Canada
226Ferrari21822 july 2018Germany
227Ferrari2192 september 2018Italy
228Ferrari22031 march 2019Bahrain
229Ferrari2219 june 2019Canada
230Ferrari22230 june 2019Austria
231Ferrari2231 september 2019Belgium
232Ferrari2248 september 2019Italy
233Ferrari22522 september 2019Singapore
234Ferrari22629 september 2019Russia
235Ferrari22713 october 2019Japan
236Ferrari22827 october 2019Mexico
237Ferrari22923 may 2021Monaco
238Ferrari2306 june 2021Azerbaijan