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  • • Direction Anticlockwise
  • • Yeongam, Jeolla, South Korea
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  • • 4 Grands Prix
      - With a Safety Car (since 1993): 75%
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The organization of a South Korean Grand Prix is the result of an agreement between Bernie Ecclestone and the Korea Auto Valley Operation. The construction of the circuit is entrusted to Hermann Tilke.
This plans a semi-permanent route, with a city to be built around 2020 around the circuit. The provisional part runs along the sea and will allow spectators to observe the race from hotels or boats. On the permanent part we will find shops and restaurants to satisfy a wide audience. One of the characteristics of the circuit is the presence of walls on the edge of the track at the start and end of the route, hence a certain danger.
The construction, which was to be completed in July 2010, was significantly delayed, so much so that the cancellation of the Grand Prix was discussed at length before approval at the last minute, on October 11, two weeks before the race. Ultimately, the race took place but in catastrophic conditions. The circuit was flooded with rain and, as the track was unable to properly drain the water, the race started 1 hour 45 minutes late.
Date Grand Prix L km Pole position Time Win Time Fastest lap Time
24 october 2010South Korea5.615308.630 kmVETTEL Sebastian1'35''585ALONSO Fernando
2h 48m 20.810sALONSO Fernando
16 october 2011South Korea5.615308.630 kmHAMILTON Lewis1'35''820VETTEL Sebastian
1h 38m 01.994sVETTEL Sebastian
14 october 2012South Korea5.615308.630 kmWEBBER Mark1'37''242VETTEL Sebastian
1h 36m 28.651sWEBBER Mark
6 october 2013South Korea5.615308.630 kmVETTEL Sebastian1'37''202VETTEL Sebastian
1h 43m 13.701sVETTEL Sebastian