The creation of the Valencia urban circuit is part of two trends: the first is that driven by Bernie Ecclestone wishing for the multiplication of races in the city, the second is the clear revival of popularity of Formula 1 in Spain after the success of Fernando Alonso.
The circuit, 5.473 kilometers long and comprising 25 turns, is located near the America's Cup facilities. The main attraction is the presence of a swing bridge. Even if it uses sections reserved for traffic, the Valencia circuit is closer to a semi-urban route like Melbourne than to Monaco. The track is therefore very wide and has a brand new surface, which removes a good part of the interest that a city circuit normally has, namely the danger of being able to hit the wall at the slightest mistake.
Date Grand Prix L km Pole position Time Win Time Fastest lap Time
24 august 2008Europe5.419308.883 kmMASSA Felipe1'38''989MASSA Felipe
1h 35m 32.339sMASSA Felipe
23 august 2009Europe5.419308.883 kmHAMILTON Lewis1'39''498BARRICHELLO Rubens
1h 35m 51.289sGLOCK Timo
27 june 2010Europe5.419308.883 kmVETTEL Sebastian1'37''587VETTEL Sebastian
1h 40m 29.571sBUTTON Jenson
26 june 2011Europe5.419308.883 kmVETTEL Sebastian1'36''975VETTEL Sebastian
1h 39m 36.169sVETTEL Sebastian
24 june 2012Europe5.419308.883 kmVETTEL Sebastian1'38''086ALONSO Fernando
1h 44m 16.649sROSBERG Nico