From the beginning of the 1980s Bernie Ecclestone wanted to promote Formula 1 in communist countries and therefore organize a Grand Prix in the Soviet Union. The project did not come to fruition and finally the first test in an Eastern Bloc country took place in Hungary in 1986.
Following the organization of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, the seaside resort is equipped with ultra-modern facilities and could also host an F1 Grand Prix. The Russian government invested 150,000 million euros in the construction led by Hermann Tilke.
This new semi-permanent route runs through the Olympic Park and has all the characteristics of the modern circuit: very wide track and large asphalt clearances, even if in most portions the walls border the track. The design is not of much interest even if the sequence of left turns which encircle the place of the Olympic podium is quite spectacular.
Date Grand Prix L km Pole position Time Win Time Fastest lap Time
12 october 2014Russia5.848309.745 kmHAMILTON Lewis1'38.513HAMILTON Lewis
1h 31m 50.744sBOTTAS Valtteri
11 october 2015Russia5.848309.745 kmROSBERG Nico1'37.113HAMILTON Lewis
1h 37m 11.024sVETTEL Sebastian
1 may 2016Russia5.848309.745 kmROSBERG Nico1'35.417ROSBERG Nico
1h 32m 41.997sROSBERG Nico
30 april 2017Russia5.848303.897 kmVETTEL Sebastian1'33.194BOTTAS Valtteri
1h 28m 08.743sRAIKKONEN Kimi
30 september 2018Russia5.848309.745 kmBOTTAS Valtteri1'31.387HAMILTON Lewis
1h 27m 25.181sBOTTAS Valtteri
29 september 2019Russia5.848309.745 kmLECLERC Charles1'31.628HAMILTON Lewis
1h 33m 38.992sHAMILTON Lewis
27 september 2020Russia5.848309.745 kmHAMILTON Lewis1'31.304BOTTAS Valtteri
1h 34m 00.364sBOTTAS Valtteri
26 september 2021Russia5.848309.745 kmNORRIS Lando1'41.993HAMILTON Lewis
1h 30m 41.001sNORRIS Lando