Located 7 km west of Reims, this semi-permanent circuit was in the shape of a triangle between the villages of Thillois and Gueux.
It was used for the first time in 1925 by the Automobile Club de Champagne for its Grand Prix de la Marne and in 1932 the Grand Prix de l'Automobile Club de France was organized there.
To encourage greater speeds, trees were cut down by organizers and houses demolished to create escape routes. The last F1 event will be the 1966 ACF Grand Prix.
Sections of the track, particularly around the pits, are still present today although the circuit has been closed since 1970.
Date Grand Prix L km Pole position Time Win Time Fastest lap Time
2 july 1950France7.816500.224 kmFANGIO Juan Manuel2'30''600FANGIO Juan Manuel
2h 57m 52.800sFANGIO Juan Manuel
1 july 1951France7.816601.832 kmFANGIO Juan Manuel2'25''700FAGIOLI Luigi
FANGIO Juan Manuel
 FANGIO Juan Manuel

New track. Slight changing at Thillois turn in 1954.
Date Grand Prix L km Pole position Time Win Time Fastest lap Time
5 july 1953France8.347500.820 kmASCARI Alberto2'41''200HAWTHORN Mike
2h 44m 18.600sFANGIO Juan Manuel
4 july 1954France8.302506.422 kmFANGIO Juan Manuel2'29''400FANGIO Juan Manuel
2h 42m 47.900sHERRMANN Hans
1 july 1956France8.302506.422 kmFANGIO Juan Manuel2'23''300COLLINS Peter
2h 34m 23.400sFANGIO Juan Manuel
6 july 1958France8.302415.100 kmHAWTHORN Mike2'21''700HAWTHORN Mike
2h 03m 21.300sHAWTHORN Mike
5 july 1959France8.302415.100 kmBROOKS Tony2'19''400BROOKS Tony
2h 01m 26.500sMOSS Stirling
3 july 1960France8.302415.100 kmBRABHAM Jack2'16''800BRABHAM Jack
1h 57m 24.900sBRABHAM Jack
2 july 1961France8.302431.704 kmHILL Phil2'24''900BAGHETTI Giancarlo
2h 14m 17.500sHILL Phil
30 june 1963France8.302440.006 kmCLARK Jim2'20''200CLARK Jim
2h 10m 54.300sCLARK Jim
3 july 1966France8.302398.496 kmBANDINI Lorenzo2'07''800BRABHAM Jack
1h 48m 31.300sBANDINI Lorenzo