Located in a park above Barcelona, its route is divided into two parts, one slow and the other fast.
Precarious safety conditions and Rolf Stommelen's accident in 1975, which caused the death of five people, erased this circuit from the Formula 1 calendar.
Date Grand Prix L km Pole position Time Win Time Fastest lap Time
4 may 1969Spain3.791341.190 kmRINDT Jochen1'25''700STEWART Jackie
2h 16m 53.990sRINDT Jochen
18 april 1971Spain3.791284.325 kmICKX Jacky1'25''900STEWART Jackie
1h 49m 03.400sICKX Jacky
29 april 1973Spain3.791284.325 kmPETERSON Ronnie1'21''800FITTIPALDI Emerson
1h 48m 18.700sPETERSON Ronnie
27 april 1975Spain3.791109.939 kmLAUDA Niki1'23''400MASS Jochen
0h 42m 53.700sANDRETTI Mario