Located 39 km northeast of Marseille, the Paul Ricard route is legendary. Inaugurated in 1970, the route was remodeled after the death of Elio De Angelis in 1986, and part of the circuit was no longer used. In 1991, the French Grand Prix left Castellet for Magny-Cours.
In 1999, the circuit was bought by Bernie Ecclestone who transformed it into a test track which offered a host of technologies aimed at making the track as safe as possible. The red and blue color stripes feature abrasive surfaces that slow vehicles when going off the track.
In 2018, F1 is back at Paul Ricard but for 2023 the circuit is no longer on the calendar. A decision fueled above all by financial issues and the desire to favor other, more profitable Grands Prix.
Date Grand Prix L km Pole position Time Win Time Fastest lap Time
4 july 1971France5.810319.550 kmSTEWART Jackie1'50''710STEWART Jackie
1h 46m 41.680sSTEWART Jackie
1 july 1973France5.810313.740 kmSTEWART Jackie1'48''370PETERSON Ronnie
1h 41m 36.520sHULME Denny
6 july 1975France5.810313.740 kmLAUDA Niki1'47''820LAUDA Niki
1h 40m 18.840sMASS Jochen
4 july 1976France5.810313.740 kmHUNT James1'47''890HUNT James
1h 40m 58.600sLAUDA Niki
2 july 1978France5.810313.740 kmWATSON John1'44''410ANDRETTI Mario
1h 38m 51.920sREUTEMANN Carlos
29 june 1980France5.810313.740 kmLAFFITE Jacques1'38''880JONES Alan
1h 32m 43.420sJONES Alan
25 july 1982France5.810313.740 kmARNOUX René1'34''406ARNOUX René
1h 33m 33.217sPATRESE Riccardo
17 april 1983France5.810313.740 kmPROST Alain1'36''672PROST Alain
1h 34m 13.913sPROST Alain
7 july 1985France5.810307.930 kmROSBERG Keke1'32''462PIQUET Nelson
1h 31m 46.266sROSBERG Keke

New short track.
Date Grand Prix L km Pole position Time Win Time Fastest lap Time
6 july 1986France3.813305.040 kmSENNA Ayrton1'06''526MANSELL Nigel
1h 37m 19.272sMANSELL Nigel
5 july 1987France3.813305.040 kmMANSELL Nigel1'06''454MANSELL Nigel
1h 37m 03.839sPIQUET Nelson
3 july 1988France3.813305.040 kmPROST Alain1'07''589PROST Alain
1h 37m 37.328sPROST Alain
9 july 1989France3.813305.040 kmPROST Alain1'07''203PROST Alain
1h 38m 29.411sGUGELMIN Mauricio
8 july 1990France3.813305.040 kmMANSELL Nigel1'04''402PROST Alain
1h 33m 29.606sMANSELL Nigel

Adding a chicane on the Mistral straight.
Date Grand Prix L km Pole position Time Win Time Fastest lap Time
24 june 2018France5.842309.690 kmHAMILTON Lewis1'30''029HAMILTON Lewis
1h 30m 11.385sBOTTAS Valtteri
23 june 2019France5.842309.690 kmHAMILTON Lewis1'28''319HAMILTON Lewis
1h 24m 31.198sVETTEL Sebastian
20 june 2021France5.842309.690 kmVERSTAPPEN Max1'29''990VERSTAPPEN Max
1h 27m 25.770sVERSTAPPEN Max
24 july 2022France5.842309.690 kmLECLERC Charles1'30''872VERSTAPPEN Max
1h 30m 02.112sSAINZ Carlos