Located in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, this circuit was built in 1978 on a drained swamp, hence the absence of height difference. The track has no notable technical features, but is very bumpy and the climate is very humid and very hot, which makes the racing conditions very difficult. Many drivers have suffered fainting spells after a race.
After a first edition in 1978, the Jacarepagua circuit hosted the Brazilian Grand Prix from 1981 to 1989, before being replaced by the new version of the Interlagos circuit. In 1988 it took the name of triple Brazilian world champion Nelson Piquet.
At the end of the 2000s, the infrastructure having become obsolete, its destruction was decided. After some procrastination, it took place at the end of 2012. An Olympic training center was built instead, in anticipation of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.
Date Grand Prix L km Pole position Time Win Time Fastest lap Time
29 january 1978Brazil5.031316.953 kmPETERSON Ronnie1'40.450REUTEMANN Carlos
1h 49m 59.860sREUTEMANN Carlos
29 march 1981Brazil5.031311.922 kmPIQUET Nelson1'35.079REUTEMANN Carlos
2h 00m 23.660sSURER Marc
21 march 1982Brazil5.031316.953 kmPROST Alain1'28.808PROST Alain
1h 44m 33.134sPROST Alain
13 march 1983Brazil5.031316.953 kmROSBERG Keke1'34.526PIQUET Nelson
1h 48m 27.731sPIQUET Nelson
25 march 1984Brazil5.031306.891 kmDe ANGELIS Elio1'28.392PROST Alain
1h 42m 34.492sPROST Alain
7 april 1985Brazil5.031306.891 kmALBORETO Michele1'27.768PROST Alain
1h 41m 26.115sPROST Alain
23 march 1986Brazil5.031306.891 kmSENNA Ayrton1'25.501PIQUET Nelson
1h 39m 32.583sPIQUET Nelson
12 april 1987Brazil5.031306.891 kmMANSELL Nigel1'26.128PROST Alain
1h 39m 45.141sPIQUET Nelson
3 april 1988Brazil5.031301.860 kmSENNA Ayrton1'28.096PROST Alain
1h 36m 06.857sBERGER Gerhard
26 march 1989Brazil5.031306.891 kmSENNA Ayrton1'25.302MANSELL Nigel
1h 38m 58.744sPATRESE Riccardo