Located 15 kilometers south of Clermont-Ferrand, this circuit, also known as Charade, was inaugurated in 1958. Its layout is mountainous and consists of 51 corners.
The facilities situated on a mountainside, along with the track filled with gravel and volcanic flint, posed many challenges for the racing teams.
Date Grand Prix L km Pole position Time Win Time Fastest lap Time
27 june 1965France8.055322.200 kmCLARK Jim3'18''300CLARK Jim
2h 14m 38.400sCLARK Jim
6 july 1969France8.055306.090 kmSTEWART Jackie3'00''600STEWART Jackie
1h 56m 47.400sSTEWART Jackie
5 july 1970France8.055306.090 kmICKX Jacky2'58''220RINDT Jochen
1h 55m 57.000sBRABHAM Jack
2 july 1972France8.055306.090 kmAMON Chris2'53''400STEWART Jackie
1h 52m 21.500sAMON Chris