Located near Bern, this circuit crossed Bremgarten Park.
Following the Le Mans 1955 tragedy, Switzerland immediately banned all motor racing competitions within its territory, and the circuit was abandoned.
Date Grand Prix L km Pole position Time Win Time Fastest lap Time
4 june 1950Switzerland7.280305.760 kmFANGIO Juan Manuel2'42''100FARINA Giuseppe
2h 02m 53.700sFARINA Giuseppe
27 may 1951Switzerland7.280305.760 kmFANGIO Juan Manuel2'35''900FANGIO Juan Manuel
2h 07m 53.640sFANGIO Juan Manuel
18 may 1952Switzerland7.280451.360 kmFARINA Giuseppe2'47''500TARUFFI Piero
3h 01m 46.100sTARUFFI Piero
23 august 1953Switzerland7.280473.200 kmFANGIO Juan Manuel2'40''100ASCARI Alberto
3h 01m 34.400sASCARI Alberto
22 august 1954Switzerland7.280480.480 kmGONZALEZ Jose-Froilan2'39''500FANGIO Juan Manuel
3h 00m 34.500sFANGIO Juan Manuel