Pos Driver Chassis Engine Lap  Pts
11Max VERSTAPPENRed BullHonda RBPT57 1h 33m 56.736s  ( 196.862 km/h ) 25.00
211Sergio PEREZRed BullHonda RBPT57 1h 34m 08.723s  ( +11.987s ) 18.00
314Fernando ALONSOAston MartinMercedes57 1h 34m 35.373s  ( +38.637s ) 15.00
455Carlos SAINZFerrariFerrari57 1h 34m 44.788s  ( +48.052s ) 12.00
544Lewis HAMILTONMercedesMercedes57 1h 34m 47.713s  ( +50.977s ) 10.00
618Lance STROLLAston MartinMercedes57 1h 34m 51.238s  ( +54.502s ) 8.00
763George RUSSELLMercedesMercedes57 1h 34m 52.609s  ( +55.873s ) 6.00
877Valtteri BOTTASAlfa RomeoFerrari57 1h 35m 09.383s  ( +1m 12.647s ) 4.00
910Pierre GASLYAlpineRenault57 1h 35m 10.489s  ( +1m 13.753s ) 2.00
1023Alexander ALBONWilliamsMercedes57 1h 35m 26.510s  ( +1m 29.774s ) 1.00
1122Yuki TSUNODAAlphaTauriHonda RBPT57 1h 35m 27.606s  ( +1m 30.870s )0
122Logan SARGEANTWilliamsMercedes56 0
1320Kevin MAGNUSSENHaasFerrari56 0
1421Nyck de VRIESAlphaTauriHonda RBPT56 0
1527Nico HULKENBERGHaasFerrari56 0
1624Guanyu ZHOUAlfa RomeoFerrari56 0
174Lando NORRISMcLarenMercedes55 0
ab31Esteban OCONAlpineRenault41 Withdrew0
ab16Charles LECLERCFerrariFerrari39 Engine0
ab81Oscar PIASTRIMcLarenMercedes13 Electronics0

Penalties during the race
Driver Penalty Reason
Esteban OCON5 secondsIncorrect starting position
Esteban OCON10 secondsFailed to serve penalty during pit stop
Esteban OCON5 secondsSpeeding in the pit lane

Penalties added after the chequered flag
Driver Penalty Reason Lost position
Nico HULKENBERG5 secondsCrossing track limits0
Nico HULKENBERG10 secondsCrossing track limits0